About Us

Marc RobinHello, my name is Marc Robin and I am the owner of NewLook Marketing. NewLook is a boutique firm that specializes and providing printing and direct mailing services. I have been providing printing since 1982 and direct mailing services since 1983. I got my start as the owner of a printing franchise known as PIP Printing. Later I was able to get out of the franchise agreement and go on my own as an independent printer and mailer. NewLook has handled print jobs from 100 pieces to over a quarter of a million. We have also provide mailings from 200 to 278,000 mailers.

My father owned a deli in Philadelphia, so I grew up behind the counter starting at ten years of age. After school I worked in the deli while going to St Joseph’s where I saw a sign to work for the Mike Douglas Show. The Mike Douglas Show was the highest rated daytime show at the time. So I met every major show business star for the two years I worked on the show. I then met my wife of 45 years and went to work for my father-in-law, who owned the largest independent auto battery recycling plant in the country. While that was going on I started an environmental consulting firm that specialized in helping small businesses that handled toxic metal lead. When my father-in-law sold his business I moved my family to Coral Springs, so here we are.

I feel that having a diverse background has helped me with providing my clients with insight on how to present their different businesses.