How a Business Mailing Costs a Woman an Additional $900

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In 1989 a woman opened a sandwich shop on Sample road in Coral Springs. She was well ahead of her time in that she offered healthy choices in the making of her sandwiches. Which were not only healthier, but delicious as well. Choices such as lower fat meats, low fat mayo, sprouts, and multi-grain bread to name but a few. I explained that if she got the word out about her shop people would really be interested in what she had to offer. We did a mailing to 3,000 business in Coral Springs, The next week I was in her shop and she said to me, “You know, that mailing I did cost me $900.” I was confused by what she said so she took me to the back and pointed to a new refrigerator, She said ” I got so many orders, I had to buy a refrigerator to keep enough stock for all the sandwiches.” Here is hoping I can help you with your business as well.

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