How Goalpost Netting Creates Name Recognition

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Allstate Goal Screen

Remember what happened the last time your favorite team scored a touchdown? The next thing you saw was a net rising up between the goalposts showing the familiar caring hands and the word Allstate.

Make no mistake, the marketing people who came up with this branding idea are doing it right. Their money is well spent, and the reason is simple. People choose to make purchases from sources they trust. When buyers get to know your business name, they begin to know you, too. Knowing you then morphs into trusting you, and trusting you translates into sales.

If I asked the average person on the street, “When you need insurance, who are you going to call?” they would be stumped for an answer. Most people don’t have an “insurance person,” so what do they do? Maybe ask a friend.

They would also likely search online. Once they start searching, they will see hundreds of options where they can buy insurance. Insurance can be complicated and confusing, making it really hard to make a buying decision. Among those many choices, they will see the word Allstate and focus in on it because a “little voice” in the back of their head tells them they know Allstate. That little voice likes football, saw the Allstate netting after every touchdown, and now thinks it knows Allstate. Because it “knows” that company, it trusts the name and will purchase from Allstate.

Think about it. This process has been going on for years. The NFL doesn’t do anything at bargain prices. It has to cost millions of dollars for Allstate to pull this off. If it wasn’t working, they would have dropped the deal ages ago. The NFL and Allstate are making millions because it’s a win-win.

How does that help you? When you don’t have millions of dollars to spend but you want name recognition, know that direct mail can play a similar role in creating trust. When you send direct mail every month to the same list, you control the message, the timing of its delivery and over time build up the recognition that turns into trust and creates sales.

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